Welding Torches, Guns and Accessories

Welding Torches, Guns and Accessories

Weldmark® takes pride in a complete offering and selection of high-quality arc welding equipment and accessories.  For decades, welding shops, fabricators, and the manufacturing industry have trusted Weldmark® and the quality and service the product line continues to stand for. The family of Weldmark® Arc Gas Equipment has been used with excellent results in all segments of manufacturing.

Weldmark® MIG Torches and Accessories
Weldmark by Tweco® MIG guns and consumables are manufactured to high-quality specifications. Many lengths (from 10′ to 25′) and wire diameter styles are available. For the most popular wire feeders, there is also a selection of rear wire feed connector plugs. The ergonomic “diamond grip” handle, two-finger molded trigger, and triple-insulated stainless conductor tubes are just some of the features of the Weldmark by Tweco® MIG guns valued by the welding professional.

Weldmark® MIG25-140
The Weldmark® MIG25-140 is a DC inverter wire feed welder that runs off a 120V, 20A circuit. It is capable of welding with solid wire (with shielding gas) or with flux core wire. This Weldmark® MIG25-140 Inverter Wire Feed Welder is capable of MIG welding 3/16ʺ steel in a single pass and built-in facilities to add an optional spool gun.

Weldmark® TIG Torches
Weldmark® TIG Torches and consumables are available in 12.5″ and 25″ lengths ranging from 80 to 350 amps. These air-cooled and water-cooled silicon head torch assemblies are manufactured from high-quality components with proven, highly satisfying results from the manufacturing and fabrication industry. Many options are available such as “flexible” heads, built-in gas valves, one-piece rubber, or two-piece cable assemblies.

Weldmark® TIG Accessories 
Weldmark® carries all of the necessary consumables for your TIG welding job. Nozzles, collets, tungsten electrodes, back caps, and gas lens collet bodies are just a few of the replacement consumables available to complete your welding project. Other items available include convenient accessory kits, power cable adaptors, water recirculators, TIG cable covers, and dinse connectors, to name a few.

Weldmark® products and distributors are focused on offering high-quality products that bring exceptional performance and service to our customers.

Weldmark® products are backed by a 100% guarantee*. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of any Weldmark® product, you may return it for full credit or exchange. A Weldmark® Distributor near you will provide personal service and in-depth welding product knowledge to help you select the best equipment for your specific application.

* Weldmark® MIG25-140 machine has a limited warranty.


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