Weldmark Brand Partners

The Weldmark brand and the IWDC have a long and successful history of working with a number of quality vendor partners. Adding to the Weldmark brand, Weldmark has successfully co-branded with top manufacturers like CK Worldwide, Dynaflux, ESAB, G.C. Shurlite, Goss, Lenco, Superior Products and Victor Equipment. There are a number of reasons why vendors to the industrial gases and welding industry seek to partner with us. Most notably, the IWDC represents roughly $2 billion in retail sales in North America, and we work with our vendor partners to continually grow sales for their products. But being a vendor partner has additional benefits that extend well beyond the usual commerce and profit generating. Weldmark and our vendor partners have a history of mutual strength and stability associated with a recognition of our pace-setting efficiency. We can proudly say that we are debt free and maintain an excellent credit rating along with having the lowest operational costs in the industrial gases and welding industry.

The best way to sum up the reason for the strength and stability of our vendor partner relationships can be found right in the IWDC’s official Mission Statement. It states that the purpose of Weldmark and the IWDC is “integrating the talents of members and vendors to provide excellence in products and services to customers as the most innovative and preferred channel to the marketplace.” Learn more about our Weldmark brand partners by exploring the links below. If you need any additional information about our vendor partners or how to become one, we will be happy to provide it. Just contact us, and we will get back to you promptly.

Weldmark is a registered trademark of IWDC