Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing

Weldmark® offers a full line of high-quality welding clothing and apparel and other related welding accessories to give the best possible protection for use in welding, maintenance, metal fabrication, and the steel industry. Weldmark® clothing has been designed to offer maximum protection and comfort under the most rugged conditions.

Leather Jackets and Cape Sleeves
The Weldmark® product line of welding jackets and welding cape sleeves are made with high-quality select side split cowhide leather (russet brown color) which is strong yet flexible and resists cuts, sparks, and slag. Weldmark® leather is specially tanned for heat resistance. Both welding jackets (30”) and cape sleeves are available in sizes medium to 3XL. Attachable leather cape sleeve bibs are also available in 14” and 20” lengths.

Key features include:

  • High-quality Kevlar® stitching
  • Gusseted underarms and satin-lined allowing for easy on/off and overall movement
  • Outside scribe tool pocket
  • Corduroy-lined collar for comfort
  • Non-reflective snaps

Leather Aprons, Chaps, and Sleeves
To add to our vast selection of welding gear, Weldmark® also carries a line of a heavy-duty, durable, select side-split leather welding bib and split leg welding aprons (russet brown color) that are specially tanned for heat resistance.

Leather apron sizes and features:

  • Bib apron leather styles are available in 24” X 36” and 24” X 42”
  • Split bib apron leather styles available in 24” X 36”, 24” X 42” and 24” X 48”
  • Both welding apron styles are “one size” and have convenient chest pockets to store small items. They also have adjustable straps and are sewn with Kevlar® stitching.

Leather Chaps and Sleeves

Weldmark® likewise offers a line of leather welding chaps and welding sleeves. Our select side split 40” leather chaps have specially reinforced crotch configuration for added strength and protection, are one size fits all, and have adjustable straps. This garment is sewn with Kevlar® stitching as well.

Our select side split 23” leather sleeves are designed to protect arms from above elbow to wrist. Adjustment straps allow for multiple sizing. These sleeves are sewn with Kevlar® and are sold by the pair.

Flame Resistant Cotton Jackets and Cape Sleeves
Weldmark® also offers a wide selection of FR clothing. Our FR jackets and FR cape sleeves are made of 100% visual 9-ounce green cotton. These garments are cooler, lighter, and less expensive than their leather alternatives. This clothing is excellent for warm weather or indoor use with minimal exposure to sparks and spatter. Jackets (30”) are available in sizes Small to 4XL. Cape sleeves are available in sizes Medium to 3XL. We also offer an optional 20” snap-on bib for cape sleeves. The 30” Weldmark® FR welding jackets are also available in a hybrid FR 100% visual 9-ounce green cotton/leather combination. This combo jacket has the same features as the all-cotton model mentioned above but has select side split leather sleeves. This option gives greater protection for arms while remaining a cooler option than the all-leather jacket.

Key features include:

  • Inside scribe pocket
  • Non-reflective snaps down front and wrists
  • “All cotton” models can be washed (limited wash FR per ASTM 1506)

Flame Resistant Cotton Aprons and Sleeves
Additional FR welding garments (9-ounce cotton) are also available, including cotton bib aprons and cotton sleeves. Green cotton bib aprons are available in sizes 24” X 36” and 24” X 42”. These aprons have adjustable straps to fit the individual’s ideal comfort and size. The green cotton sleeves are available in 18” and 23” lengths (sold per pair). FR cotton sleeves feature elastic closures at each end to ensure proper fit.

Weldmark® specialty items such as welding knee pads (sold per pair) are also available. These knee pads are constructed of heavy gauge plastic with adjustable straps to ensure proper fit. Their soft cushion padding allows for better knee comfort, and the front rubber scuff pad helps hold the user steady and in place.

To add to our large collection of welding clothing, Weldmark® offers a full line of high-quality industrial-grade gloves for all welding processes, including drivers, fitters, and other applications.

Welding Gloves
Weldmark® uses select side split cowhide in the design of all welding gloves. These gloves have many options and features such as internal foam insulated backing or cotton lining, reinforced thumb strap, wing or straight thumb configuration, longer length style (18”), and different leather colors. These gloves are sewn with Kevlar® stitching and are available in size large. For higher heat welding applications, Weldmark® also has a coated fiberglass aluminized hand pad with elastic straps to fit on the backside of welding gloves to avert the heat effectively.

TIG and MIG Gloves
Weldmark® has many popular choices of TIG welding gloves and MIG welding gloves to choose from. These gloves are unlined to provide the user with maximum dexterity. All welding glove models have a 4” protective cuff and seamless index finger to give tactility and close touch for those sensitive jobs, such as those involved with TIG welding. Gloves come in a range of sizes for best fit and are Kevlar® sewn. Glove types include:

  • Top grain soft “kidskin” gloves for proper fit and best feel for precision touch welding
  • Lightweight top grain “pigskin” gloves for pliable lasting performance, resists stiffness from moisture
  • Top grain “cowhide” gloves for pliable comfort and proper welding protection

Driver’s Gloves
Like many of our other welding safety products, Weldmark® driving gloves are in high demand and are available in the most popular and requested styles. These driving gloves are designed for multi-purpose use and are available in a wide range of sizes to provide users with the best possible fit. Glove styles include:

  • Our top grain “goatskin” gloves for softness are unlined with a top-of-the-line keystone thumb design and a shirred elastic back for a snug fit
  • Our top grain “cowhide” gloves for long-lasting durability are unlined with the same top-of-the-line keystone thumb design and a shirred elastic back for a snug fit

Premium ToolHandz™ Gloves

Our Premium ToolHandz™ green spandex back gloves with top grain “pigskin” palm for rugged performance are perfect for any job. These gloves also have a sturdy elastic cuff with a hook and loop fastener around the wrist.

Work, Fitter’s and Jersey Gloves
Since work gloves are constantly in high demand, Weldmark® offers two styles to fit the needs of workers. Both work and fitter’s glove models have a 2” safety cuff and are available in size Large. Weldmark® fitter’s glove is designed with durable split “cowhide” back and top grain “pigskin” palm to provide users maximum tough, yet pliable comfort. The fitter’s glove is fully lined for comfort and has a shirred elastic back for a snug fit around the wrist, and have a 2” canvas cuff and is available in size Large. The Weldmark® 9 ounce brown jersey glove is 100% cotton and has a straight thumb and clute pattern. These styles include:

  • A split cowhide leather palm glove with a knuckle strap, canvas back, and fully lined palm for comfort, along with a shirred elastic back and strap for a snug fit
  • A split cowhide “double leather palm” glove with leather knuckle strap, canvas back, and fully lined palm for comfort, along with a shirred elastic back for a snug fit
  • The lightweight jersey glove includes a knit wrist for a snug fit and is available in size Large

A 100% guarantee backs all Weldmark® products. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the quality of any Weldmark product, you may return it for full credit or exchange. Weldmark® has an extensive network of locally owned distributors. There are over 800 locations across North America. These distributors are very knowledgeable in safety and will help recommend or answer any questions you may have. If you are looking for quality-made clothing and apparel or any other related accessory, find a local Weldmark® distributor near you today.

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