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Weldmark® and manufacturing partner Channellock offer a variety of pliers that are ideal for many welding needs and general purposes. The range of pliers offered allow welders to find the pliers that are a perfect fit for any project needs from MIG welding to general electrical to mechanical. Weldmark® pliers make it easy for welders to pick up and reposition projects and work with hot material. Special MIG welder’s pliers are made with a groove nose design for superior spatter removal and allow easy gripping and drawing out of wire.

At Weldmark® our focus is on offering a range of high-quality MIG welding pliers and general use pliers that bring exceptional value to our customers. Our manufacturing partnership with Channellock provides our customers with quality made welding pliers created from a tradition of excellence that has been maintained for well over a century. Visit one of your local Weldmark® distributors to learn more about Weldmark® and Channellock MIG welding pliers and a range of pliers best suited to your projects.


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