The Thermoid® brand name was established in the early 1880’s. Thermoid is a leading manufacturer of industrial rubber products, including air, automotive, aviation, bulk transfer, chemical, marine, water, welding and multipurpose industrial hoses, industrial ducting and conveyor belting. Since 1883 the company has delivered customer-focused solutions, utilizing its engineering expertise to provide products for even the most challenging environments across air, land, sub-sea and space.

Thermoid designs and manufactures a diverse range industrial hoses for the Weldmark brand. Industrial hose products manufactured by Thermoid® have a 130-year old legacy of excellence behind them. They are produced in US manufacturing plants and are distributed and used by thousands of industrial customers and OEMs around the world. Thermoid industrial hose products serve agriculture, aviation, automotive, construction, food processing, manufacturing, mining, petroleum and many other markets. Thermoid industrial hose and other rubber products are considered as standards in their specific industry and the company produces a variety of general and specialty industrial hose products.

Weldmark is a registered trademark of IWDC