Radians has been a leader in the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) business for over 20 years. Founded in 1997 on a single product, the AV, a combination hearing (Audio) and eyewear (Visual) protection product. Over twenty years later, Radians offers a comprehensive line of safety products including safety eyewear, RadWear® high visibility apparel, rainwear, hearing protection, hand protection, head gear, cooling products, heated jackets, eyewash stations, and lens cleaning accessories.

Radians’ extensive line of safety products includes 80 styles of safety eyewear, Hi-Viz safety vests and apparel, reusable and disposable hearing protection, head gear, hard hats, performance gloves, work boots, barricade tape, and other accessories. All of our products are manufactured in ISO-certified factories and are field tested to ensure maximum performance and protection. Radians safety products are distributed in 48 countries on six continents and offers their customers versatility, product innovation, flexibility, and a strong value proposition.

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