Our vendor partner Goss manufactures professional torch equipment. Their torches, regulators and accessories are known for having the most exceptional quality, value and durability in the welding industry. Located in Glenshaw, Pennsylvania, Goss Inc. has been servicing industries throughout the United States and abroad since 1940, providing a full range of flame tools and accessories. Their reputation for high quality products with unparalleled performance, excellent customer service and efficient distribution network has made Goss a manufacturer that customers look to when they require the very best. Goss has a well-established network of sales representatives and distributors who provide their customers with a number of channels for support. When needed, Goss can provide training seminars, counter days and product assistance as well as any additional product information that may be needed by their customers.

Goss produces a wide variety of welding equipment, including torches and accessories, to fit any contractor’s needs. Their top of the line Oxy-Fuel, Air-Acetylene, Air-Propane, Air-Propylene (Map-Pro) and Nitrogen equipment is individually tested and designed for exceptional performance. They also offer high quality replacement cutting, welding and heating tips for popular torches as well as cylinder stands and other accessories. In an independent, third party torch test reported by Plumbing & Mechanical magazine, Goss torches and equipment were reviewed and compared to other leading torches currently on the market. They concluded that, “The entire Goss line proved to be the most indestructible.” Goss is dedicated to producing the finest, most durable welding torch products available, and backs them up with the kind of service and support required to be an unquestioned leader in the industry.

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