G.C. Fuller Shurlite

Our vendor partner G.C. Fuller manufactures Shurlite lighters and renewal flints for many OEMs for resale and inclusion in their products and provides custom imprinting of lighters and custom packaging. G.C. Fuller also produces metal parts for their clients that make use of the company’s excess capacity in manufacturing. As of October 2013, they became the proud manufacturer of the Shoot-A-Lite lighter. After buying and selling Shoot-A-Lites for over twenty years, manufacturing them was a perfect fit for their company, helping to cement their reputation as the leader in high-quality spark lighters. Founded in 1917, the Haneberg family has owned and operated G.C. Fuller since 1919. Their company is located in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and all their products are made with great pride in the USA.

G.C. Fuller produces several different products for igniting flammable gases. Unlike their competition, Shurlite products are guaranteed to work. In fact, all Shurlite lighters come with not one but three quality guarantees. The first is that they are guaranteed to produce a robust spark on the first try every time they are used throughout the product’s expected lifespan. Second, all Shurlite lighters are guaranteed to be correctly constructed with the flint properly placed on the file. They will not spring open unless subject to extreme shock. And finally, all Shurlite lighters are guaranteed to be manufactured from only the highest grade materials for durability and reliability you can count on. G.C. Fuller believes they have the best employees in the business, and their company’s philosophy is all about one thing – customer satisfaction. They want their customers to rest assured that when they buy Shurlite products, they have purchased the very best brand with the very best service and support available in the industry.

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