Weldmark is proud to have Dynaflux as a vendor partner. Dynaflux, Inc. is recognized across the United States as a leading manufacturer of welding products. They are also well known for being at the forefront of new product innovation. Dynaflux has been one of the top manufacturers of chemicals for over forty years and has been supplying the industry with exceptional quality water re-circulators for over thirty years. Twenty years ago, they introduced a new line of replacement lenses. Universal replacement visors and headgear have also been added in recent years. As of 2015, Dynaflux has become a leading national supplier of these lenses and face shields. Dynaflux works hard to make sure their products will do the job while meeting the high standards their customers have come to expect.

Dynaflux is especially proud to offer products that are manufactured in the USA. They believe that the best way to keep this country strong is to keep our manufacturing backbone robust and compete with any other county in any other part of the world. Dynaflux has also shown their concern for the wellbeing of the world environment by introducing their Green Line – products made to be ecologically safe with current environmental concerns in mind.

Above all, Dynaflux places the greatest importance on providing their customers with outstanding quality products and customer service and support that goes above and beyond their competition. They are looking forward to cultivating a long and prosperous relationship with the metalworking industry.

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