CK Worldwide

Weldmark®’s vendor partner CK Worldwide manufactures welding products for today’s high-tech applications. Located in Auburn, Washington, they are a family-owned company. They pride themselves on designing innovative solutions to help their customers save money, increase productivity, reduce downtime and improve weld quality. CK Worldwide has been producing the highest quality TIG torches and accessories in the industry for over four decades. Weldmark and the IWDC are proud to be associated with this company and the exceptional quality welding tools and supplemental items they manufacture.

CK Worldwide products and product lines include Master Series Torches, the Gas Saver Gas Lens, Remote Amperage Controls, Cold Wire Torches, Portable Grinders, and a variety of accessories and consumables. Their patented CK Flexible Purge Chamber is used in the TIG process to provide a completely inert atmosphere for welding both reactive and non-reactive metals. Its design allows for the ability to draw a vacuum around the part by collapsing the chamber. This greatly reduces the time needed to reach an inert atmosphere for welding and uses considerably less gas than traditional purge chambers. CK Worldwide offers basic torch training for all of its distributors, and free online training is available. This is just one of many ways CK Worldwide works to fulfill its pledge to deliver an unrivaled level of service in the industry.

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