Arcair began in a garage in 1949, after a welding engineer in the U.S. Navy created the Carbon Arc Cutting-Air process. The Carbon Arc Cutting-Air or CAC-A is a process where carbon arc combines to melt metal, while compressed air blows any molten metal away. The G-3 cutting and gouging electrode holder was debuted to the public and the industry changed forever. The H-5, a more efficient and handheld cutting and gouging torch was released in 1956. Cutting and gouging was again updated with the K-4000. This was a compressed air electric arc cutting and gouging torch combination. After a few acquisitions and a relocation or two, Arcair settled down with ESAB. The hardware has continued to been refined and is considered to be the best in the industry.

Arcair and their line of SLICE products are synonymous with the air-carbon arc gouging and exothermic cutting processes. Their products range from manual torches, cables and holders, automatic gouging systems, carbon rods and plate, SLICE cutting systems and rods and underwater cutting, gouging and welding. Weldmark and the IWDC knew they had to be partnered with the creators of arc gouging and exothermic cutting and the exceptional quality tools and supplemental items they manufacture.

Weldmark is a registered trademark of IWDC