Weldmark Introduces One of the First 120v Inverter MIG Welders


Those in the welding industry are familiar with most types of welders. However, companies often encounter welders that are not the usual name-brand, usually have hard-to-find parts, close to no support when troubleshooting is required, and produce sub-par products. Weldmark® has developed a welder that not only produces high-quality work but is light in weight and extremely efficient. The Weldmark® MIG 25-140 is one of the first 120V inverter welders on the market at this time.

What is an Inverter Welder?
If you were to plug a welder into 60-hertz power, a conventional welder would then transform that power to produce 60-hertz output. However, an inverter welder converts the 60-hertz power, using high-speed inverter switches, into a higher frequency (approximately 10,000 hertz). That power is then sent through the transformer faster and requires less energy from a transformer to create the same amount of welding output.

Why use an Inverter Welder?
Production Welders have been using inverter technology for a while in their welding projects. They are utilized in production facilities primarily due to their compact size and power efficiency. As with most technology today, inverter technology has been refined and customized to be cost-effective and for use in smaller personal welders. The higher frequency output combined with a smaller transformer means a lighter weight welder, less loss of power due to hear, and a smoother weld output.

To learn more about the MIG 25-140 and other Weldmark products, visit our Distributors page to find a local distributor or download our spec sheet or manual.