Welding Accessories

Weldmark® offers a vast selection of many different types of tools, welding cable and other welding accessories for the professional welder or tradesman. Listed below are just a few of these items that can be purchased from your locally owned Weldmark® distributor.

Welding Cable and Extension Cords
Proven to be the standard in the industry, Weldmark® FLEX-A-PRENE welding cable features EPDM rubber insulation that meets or exceeds all industry specifications and made from 30 gauge, soft drawn copper strands for superior flexibility

Weldmark® also has industrial grade 8/3 welding extension cords with molded end connections (40 amp/250 VAC/10,000 watts). Also available are 12/3 SJTW heavy duty indoor/outdoor extension cords (15 amp/125V/1875 watt).

Welding Blankets

Our Goldenglass (28oz) welding blanket gives protection from welding or grinding sparks, weld spatter and minimal slag. This welding blanket offers excellent abrasion resistance and withstands 1100°F (593°C) and higher for short durations and is FM Approved.

Our Velvet Shield® welding blanket is made with a carbonized fiber fabric that is fire and heat resistant. This welding blanket protects wood, vinyl, metal, plastic, aluminum, glass and fabrics from burn damage, sparks and spatter. Operating temperature is 1800°F and it is FM Approved.
Hand Tools, Magnets and MarkersWeldmark® multi- function MIG welding pliers are used primarily for nozzle spatter removal but can also be used as a cutting tool to cut wire and are used for MIG contact tip, insulator and shroud removal.

Weldmark® offers welding magnets such as angle magnets that can be utilized for many applications. To name a few, these magnetic holders can be put to use for tasks involving fixture holding for pipes, sheet metal, light plates, and also for lifting.

Soapstone has always been one of the most reliable marking utensils in the welding and cutting industry. Weldmark® carries both flat (5” X ½”) and round (5” X ½”) as well as holders for these markers.

Other Weldmark® AccessoriesFlint strikers, welding tip cleaners, refacing tools, scribes, hand drill and pic sets as well as flexible inspection mirrors round out just a few of the many other Weldmark® accessories available.

All Weldmark® products are backed by a 100% guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of any Weldmark® product, you may return it for full credit or exchange.

For decades, Weldmark® has supplied the welding and cutting industry with many of these high quality welding accessories. Contact your locally owned Weldmark® distributor who will assist you with product selection and answer any questions you may have. There are over 700 Weldmark® distributors across North America.

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