Eye, Face and Head Protection

Weldmark® prides itself in providing the highest quality welding safety equipment possible. The following eye, face and head protection products meet or exceed industry specifications for quality, reliability and durability. These Weldmark® protective products provide unmatched value, immediate availability and are supported by the very best customer service.
Auto Darkening Helmets and Accessories
Weldmark® offers various different types, styles and color graphics of “Digital Pro” and “Steel Works” auto darkening helmets. These lightweight welding helmets not only have variable shade selection with a grind mode, but also maintain the industry’s best warranty.

“Digital Pro” features include:

  • Large Viewing Area 3.82″ x 2.44″
  •  Internal 5-13 Variable Shade Adjustment
  • 4 Arc Sensors (1/25,000 second switching speed)
  • Lightweight (only 20 ounces) High Impact Resistant Nylon Shell
  • High Quality Lens Performance (very high optical class DIN rating of 1/1/1/2)
  • 3-Year Lens Warranty
  • Solar Powered / Battery Back Up
  • “Digital Pro comes in solid black shell

“Steel Works” features include:

  • Large Viewing Area 3.86″ x 1.73″
  • Internal 9-13 Variable Shade Adjustment
  • 2 Arc Sensors (1/25,000 second switching speed)
  • Lightweight (only 18 ounces) High Impact Resistant Nylon Shell
  • High Quality Lens Performance (high optical class DIN rating of 1/2/1/2)
  • 3-Year Lens Warranty
  • Solar Powered / Battery Back Up
  • Choices of Solid Black, Blue Flame, Silver Flame, or Red Flame Shell Graphics

Safety Eyewear

Weldmark by Radians® welding safety eyewear is extremely popular and comes in a wide variety of styles in order to give the necessary eye protection while also tailoring to individual taste. The more comfortable a user is with their eyewear, the more likely it will be worn.

Weldmark by Radians® safety eyewear is available in clear, smoke/gray, indoor/outdoor, shade 3 or shade 5 lens.

Mirage™ presents users with lightweight, sleek welding eyewear that have dual wraparound 9.75 base polycarbonate lens and are available in the user’s choice of clear, smoke/gray and indoor/outdoor style lens.

Rad-Apocalypse™ offers users welding eyewear with soft, rubber temples and nosepiece that also includes a neck cord and are available in the user’s choice of clear, smoke/gray and indoor/outdoor style lens.

Journey™ eyewear have soft, rubber nosepiece and 9.75 base curve lens with temple length adjustment and comes in user’s choices of IRUV 3.0 and 5.0 lens color choices.

Weldmark by Radians® provide eyewear with 99.9% UVA and UVB protection and meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1+ standards.

Headgear, Visors and Face Shields

Weldmark® headgear and visor combinations provide excellent protection on impact applications such as chipping, grinding, machining, masonry work, riveting and sanding. Other applications include protection from acid and chemical handling, degreasing and plating.

Weldmark®’s headgear has a supple headband providing the user with secure comfort. This Weldmark® headgear has a large 3” sparkguard with adjustable pivots for cam lock face shield visor retention. They are also adaptable in their ability to be used with all face shield visors that have a universal hole pattern. The adjustable ratchet is designed for long service in a variety of work conditions and is rated for industrial, commercial, educational and medical use.

Weldmark® has a variety of face shield visors for different applications. These visors are available in sizes ranging from 8” X 15-1/2” up to 10” X 20”. Visors are offered in clear, medium and dark green as well as shade #5, and are made of propionate for best optical and physical characteristics. All Weldmark® visors are .060 gauge thick to give maximum protection.

Weldmark® headgear, visors and face shields meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 standards

Replacement Safety, Cover Lens, Magnifiers and Filter Plates
To complement the Weldmark® safety product line we also carry a wide variety of styles and types of replacement lenses for several helmet and goggle brands.

These lenses include those for safety and cover applications, hardened glass and gold polycarbonate filter plates, along with those for glass and polycarbonate magnifier plates.

Weldmark® safety, cover lens and filter plates meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 standards.

Other Weldmark® Accessories

Weldmark® also carries additional products such as a durable mesh helmet utility bag that provides users with safe storage of items such as helmets and other related accessories. Also widely popular with welders and tradesmen are our Cotton Krazy Caps that are available in various prints and colors, along with our quilted Skull Caps. Both cap types are available in one size fits all.

All Weldmark® products are backed by a 100% guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of any Weldmark® product, you may return it for full credit or exchange.

These and other Weldmark® Safety Products are available from your locally owned Weldmark® distributor. There are over 700 Weldmark® distributor locations across North America. Contact your Weldmark® distributor today to learn more about the many benefits of our safety products available.

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