Chemical Products

Today’s welding professional demands the best industrial chemical products available. Weldmark® has a wide range of all the necessary products needed for simplifying MIG or TIG welding while simultaneously providing aesthetically clean welds. Products include:

Anti Spatters
Weldmark® offers a variety of anti-spatters that are designed for reduction of metal spatter and build up while welding on many types of metals. The complete Weldmark® line offers five choices including solvent/lethicin-based anti-spatter, lethicin/water-based anti-spatter, water/mineral-oil-based anti-spatter, water/resin based washable anti-spatter and water/surfactant anti-spatter.

Nozzle Dip
Weldmark® offers a firm petroleum gel nozzle dip that provides exemplary weld splatter protection and prevents MIG gun and fixture build-up.

Weldmark® is a leader in producing hard zinc coating that prevents rust and corrosion on all metal surfaces. Customers have their choice between Weldmark®’s “Cold Galvanize” coating spray and their “Brite Galvanize” coating spray. Customers also have the option of Aluminum Spray, an aluminum spray coating that leaves a bright aluminum finish.

Other Weldmark® industrial chemical products include:

  • “Chem-Sharp”, our high-quality tungsten electrode sharpener praised for providing the safest, most cost efficient method for sharpening tungsten electrodes.
  • Weldmark® ‘s efficient water system coolant that provides year-round pump protection for water coolers and closed loop water systems while also providing sub-zero freeze protection.
  • Weldmark® also offers both treated MIG wire feed pads and plain MIG wire feed pads, along with tool lubricant, gas leak detector, and aluminum cleaner.

All Weldmark® products are backed by a 100% guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of any Weldmark® products, you may return it for full credit or exchange.

There are over 700 Weldmark® distributors located across North America. Contact your locally owned Weldmark® distributor for these and the many other chemical products that you may need for the job at hand.

Weldmark is a registered trademark of IWDC