ARC Welding Accessories

Weldmark® represents a full line of high quality arc welding and manual welding accessories for the manufacturing professional or tradesman. Products that make up Weldmark® Arc Welding Accessories include electrode holders, ground clamps, cable connectors, chipping hammers and much more. To learn more about these and other Weldmark® welding and cutting supplies visit your locally owned Weldmark® distributor to see firsthand the quality of our products.

Ground Clamps (copper styles)

Weldmark® offers many choices for industrial grade ground clamps. Series 200, 300 and 500 ground clamps have the largest surface contact area of any clamp on the market. Serrated upper and lower jaws ensure maximum bite to the work surface and will assure proper voltage connection for maximum weld results with all welding electrodes. Both upper and lower jaws of the 200,300500 or the LPG series (curved jaw styles) are made from a high copper alloy assuring excellent current carrying ability. LPG500

Ground Clamps (steel styles)
Weldmark® also offers three ground clamps engineered from steel for lighter duty applications, the EG200,EG300 and EG500. These ground clamps are ideal for the farm welder, light duty fabrication or field erection work. The higher amp model EG500 utilizes a pure copper braided shunt that allows both high copper alloy jaws to carry welding current.

Electrode Holders

The welding professional has relied on Weldmark® Electrode Holders for the most demanding welding jobs for decades. The Weldmark® family of electrode holders includes two different styles for low to high amperage use. Choices include a low lever or an “HT” (Higher lever Type). These electrode holders have handles and insulated components made from durable glass filled nylon material with excellent heat and impact resistance. The jaws, upper and lower tongs are made from a high copper alloy for maximum conductivity and strength.

Cable Connectors

The advanced design of Weldmark® Cable Connectors offers many advantages over older styles. Metal parts are precision machined from heavy, specially shaped brass extrusions. Cam action design of the male half connector pulls the two halves tightly together. Connector covers are molded from a special heat and cold resistant material. Covers have no metal liner to rust or corrode.

Chipping Hammers

Weldmark® has two very popular models of chipping hammers to best suit the needs of the professional tradesman, the LH1 and the LA1. Each model has steel spring handles and forged heads to withstand the rigors on any job. The LA1 model includes a fixed cleaning brush for your convenience.

All Weldmark® products are backed by a 100% guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of any Weldmark® product, you may return it for full credit or exchange.

There are over 700 Weldmark® distribution locations across North America that carry many other associated arc welding accessories as well. Search for the closest Weldmark® distributor near you.

Knowledge, personal service, quality and availability can always be found at your locally owned Weldmark® distributor.

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