New & Improved Weldmark MIG25-140


Weldmark continues its line expansion of competitively priced professional grade welding products with the introduction of the Weldmark MIG25-140 Inverter Wire Feed Welder. The Weldmark MIG25-140 is a DC inverter wire feed welder that runs off a 120V, 20A circuit. It is capable of welding with solid wire (with shielding gas) or with flux core wire. This Weldmark MIG25-140 Inverter Wire Feed Welder is capable of MIG welding 3/16ʺ steel in a single pass and built-in facilities to add an optional spool gun.

Inverter technology has years of track record in the industrial welding market. A traditional transformer welder receives 60-hertz input power from your power outlet. It then transforms that 60-hertz power and creates 60-hertz output welding power.

The newer technology inverter-powered welder will take that same 60-hertz input power from your power outlet and run it through the inverter electronics, resulting in a much higher frequency, somewhere around 10,000 hertz. This allows for the same power transformation through a much smaller transformer. A smaller transformer produces much less heat leading to higher duty cycles and a smoother weld output.

Perfected technology and reduced costs now make this technology affordable for the everyday welding customer. The user advantages of this Inverter Wire Feed Welder include:

  • Incredibly light machine weight; the entire package weighs just 31 lbs.
  • Superior welding arc performance with higher frequency DC welding output providing a smooth and responsive welding arc.
  • Smaller transformer and other electrical components produce less heat resulting in a higher duty cycle of 30% at 90 Amps.

The Weldmark MIG25-140 Inverter Wire Feed Welder includes other features operators of industrial welding equipment will expect, such as:

  • Extreme portability
  • Cast Aluminum Drive Assembly
  • Spot Timer Function
  • Infinite and independent wire feed and voltage controls
  • Dual Groove Drive Rolls capable of handling wire from .023 to .035
  • Removable 10-ft MIG gun with industry-standard Tweco® ** style consumables
  • Accommodates 2lb. and 11lb spools of wire
  • Included inert gas regulator/flow gauge and gas hose
  • Three-Year Parts & Labor Warranty

The Weldmark MIG25-140 Inverter Wire Feed Welder is well designed and built with the light industrial customer in mind. It has the performance and the features you need and want and at a fraction of the price compared to other brands on the market. Locate a Weldmark distributor near you to schedule a demonstration or download a spec sheet or manual.

**Tweco® is a registered trademark of ESAB.