Our vendor partner B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools  is the pipe fabricators source in welding and industrial construction markets. Offering pipe fittings, fixtures, accessories, pipe jacks & pipe stands, pipe beveling machines, pipe clamps & fit up tools, pipe purging and pipe rigging tools and equipment. If you are fabricating pipe, then B&B probably has a tool, machine or equipment that can help you do the job safer, faster, and with more precision. Recently, B&B has expanded their product line with both flame and machine style beveling machines. B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools are always redefining pipe fixtures, fittings and accessories. All B&B pipes tools, machines and equipment are manufactured in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Every location staffs a quality control team to ensure the quality and performance of the tools. B&B pipe tools fixtures, fittings and accessories are made to perform exceptionally, and withstand the toughest job site abuse.

B&B started manufacturing and selling V-Head Pipe Jacks almost 20 years ago along the gulf coast. Slowly over the years the jack and stand category expanded and became a competitive source primarily in the energy markets of Texas and Louisiana. Fast forward 20 years and B&B now offers multiple product categories within the pipe fabrication niche and sells B&B branded product all over the world. Every year B&B strives to introduce new and innovate existing products. B&B is a family owned business, but welcomes modernization of technology and is constantly improving manufacturing and operation systems to create better products and offer better service.

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