Atlas has the reputation of making quality, durable, welder’s choice weld cleaning tools. Over 80 years ago, Atlas founder noticed a need for a safe welding tool. At the time welders would make-do with out of date tools or anything else they could find to clean welds. Every Atlas Tomahawk, Dual-Tool and Hammer is original in design and have been developed and improved by Atlas since 1939. Safety is always the first consideration when Atlas builds tools. Heads “Pinned” to handles are safest – They won’t fly off. Tough induction hardened heads properly drawn to controlled hardness are safer – Extra husky handles stand up longer. Long slim cones and chisel blades stand up for more grinds – Special wood hand-grips Shaped to fit the hand for “No Slip” directional feel are superior to “round” file handles. Other tools may be equal in price or sell for slightly less but with Atlas, you get much, much more for your money.

Weldmark is proud to have Atlas as a vendor partner. Atlas has been one of the largest welding supply wholesalers in the United States, with over 100 product lines, and more than 1,500 distributor customers. Recognized across the United States as a leading manufacturer of welding and safety products. Atlas is especially proud to offer products which are manufactured in the USA.  Atlas places the greatest importance on providing their customers with outstanding products that go above and beyond the competition’s lower quality product.

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