About IWDC

The Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative is a member-owned purchasing and marketing cooperative. Its membership and approved manufacturers and suppliers work together to grow and strengthen the network of independent gas and hard goods distributors in North America (the United States, Canada & Mexico).

IWDC’s roots go back to 1948, when an association of distributors (IWDA) was founded that decades later merged with another to become the cooperative from which we grew.

The core function of our cooperative continues to be aggregating the individual purchase requirements of member companies and negotiating vendor agreements based on the total aggregate. IWDC vendor companies benefit from our volume, our growth, and preferred access to our members.

The goal of the IWDC is simple: to create an environment that allows the membership either to compete on an equal playing field with the national chains, or majors, or to have a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Weldmark is a registered trademark of IWDC