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Metal Commodities
WELDMARK® Product Sheets & MSDS Sheets
Updated: Friday, April 1, 2011

Air Carbon Arc Electrodes
Form Number Description MSDS Sheets
WL-ACAE082006 Air Carbon Arc Electrodes 89-250-885/B

Filler Metal, Consumable Wire, and Chemicals
Form Number Description MSDS Sheets
WL-PLMG052003 70S-6 Plus MIG Wire IWDC-W6

Industrial Chemicals

WM200-16 and 24 — Anti-Spatter
WM305 — Brite Galv Coating
WM306 — Spray Galv / Cold Galv
WM309A — Spray Galv / Cold Galv
WM310 — Aluminum Spray
WM390A  — Anti-Spatter
WM395 — Anti-Spatter
WM397 — Anti-Spatter
WM400A — Anti-Spatter
WM400B— Anti-Spatter
WM502 — Lubricant For Wire Feed Pads
WM600 — ChemSharp (tungsten sharpener)
WM731 — Nozzle Dip (gel type)
WM732 — Nozzle Dip (liquid type)
WM781 — Aluminum Cleaner
WM800 — Gas Leak Detector
WM929 — Coolant / Anti-Freeze

Safety Apparel & Accessories
Form Number Description MSDS Sheets
WL-WM8AD24FS 2"x4.25" Auto Darkening Welding Filter  
WL-WM8AD54VS 5-1/4"x4-1/2" Auto Darkening Welding Filter  
WL-BCS42000 Bibs and Cape Sleeves  
WL-CA42000 Clothing Accessories  
WL-CC42000 Coats and Chaps  
WL-HG062001 Headgear, Visors, and Knee Pads  
WL-L92000 Lenses  
WL-TMDG42000 Tig/Mig and Driver Gloves  
WL-WA42000 Welding Aprons  
WL-WB112008 Welding Blankets  
WL-WG42000 Welding Gloves  
WL-WSG42000 Working Specialty Gloves  

Tig Torches & Accessories
Form Number Description MSDS Sheets
WL-TT42000 Tig Torches  
WL-TE112008 Tungsten Electrodes Tungsten

Welding Accessories & Tools
Form Number Description MSDS Sheets
WL-AWA62000 Arc Welding Accessories  
WL-BI22004 Balloon Inflators  
WL-HK82000 Hose Kits  
WL-MT72001 Marking Tools



WL-BR052001 Scratch/Acid Brush  


Spark Lighters and Flint Renewals Flint (UN1323)

Welding / Cutting Outfits & Regulators
Form Number Description MSDS Sheets
WL-CMR15042000 Cutmaster Regulators - 150 series  
WL-CMR25042000 Cutmaster Regulators - 250 series  
WL-CMR35042000 Cutmaster Regulators - 350 series  
WL-CMRFG42000 Cutmaster Regulators - Flowgauge  
WL-CMRFM42000 Cutmaster Regulators - Flowmeter  
WL-CMOHD112007 Cutmaster Outfits - Heavy Duty  
WL-CMOMD112007 Cutmaster Outfits - Medium Duty  
WL-WMHVAC052003 Plumbing & HVAC Soldering & Brazing Equipment  
WL-PTTK102000 Portable Torch Tote Kit  
WL-RG92000 Replacement Gauges  

Welding Machines
Form Number Description MSDS Sheets
WL-HDLR14062004 Handler 140  
WL-HDLR187102006 Handler 187  

Note: All WELDMARK® Product Sheets & MSDS Sheets are in pdf format.

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